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3 Ways Augmented Reality Devices Improve Manufacturing

A brief introduction to augmented reality devices and how they can improve manufacturing at Atlanta, GA based companies. Learn about the different types of AR devices and how they can help your company meet production goals more effectively. A must-read if you own or work at a manufacturing company in Atlanta, GA!

1) Improves efficiency

Industries ranging from manufacturing to medicine are embracing AR technology to improve efficiency. Augmented reality can be used to: simplify training and tasks, monitor manufacturing equipment in real time and streamline workflows. With AR devices, employees can ask questions and get step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task in an easy-to-understand format. The user interface of an AR device is easy for anyone to learn quickly—even new hires who don’t speak English fluently or individuals with learning disabilities. Industry leaders such as General Electric (GE) are using augmented reality devices in all areas of their business, including finance, sales, production management and remote operations monitoring.

2) Enhances safety

The biggest concern for most manufacturing facilities is worker safety. AR can help prevent dangerous accidents by providing accurate and updated information about potential hazards onsite, improving communication in emergency situations, and alerting workers to potential risks. If a hazardous spill occurs, for example, an AR device could show exactly where it’s located using GPS technology. This data could be relayed to nearby workstations so that employees know not to walk through that area until clean-up is complete. In addition, workers will benefit from hands-free access to information and resources – making it easier than ever to remain focused on their tasks rather than searching for documentation or other answers.

3) Reduces training time

One of those steps that’s often overlooked by plant workers, safety training is one of the most important things a company can do to protect its employees. But for some reason, it’s also often skipped or skimmed over. By leveraging AR as part of its EHS (environmental health and safety) program, a company could significantly reduce both training time and costs—in addition to improving compliance among employees. Remember how long it took to master how to use all those new gadgets at work? Now imagine if you got to skip all that and learn while doing!

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