Digitalization tools for Manufacturing

Digitalization for Reliability and Asset Management Consortium

by Markus Rimmele and Brendon Russ, Reliability Leadership Institute Consortium

Through positively spirited collaboration, the RLI Digitalization for Reliability and Asset Management Consortium is a group of experienced practitioners, subject matter experts and solution providers who assemble together to create a focal point for the best ideas and new business models from cross-functional, cross-industry sector and technology providers focused on the following topics:

  • ACM: Asset Condition Management (health)
  • AI/Machine Learning (decision making)
  • Digital Twin
  • Digital Handover/STO

Their aim is:

  1. To distill digital transformation to the context of reliability and asset management and identify the best opportunities to accelerate results.
  2. Create the top valid source of guidance, repository of actual high ROI “use cases” of effective, repeatable digitalization implementation of reliability and asset management.

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