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Exsolut - QR Based document management System For Maintenance Instructions – TEAM PRODUCTION

Get The Information you need at the Location you are at

The problem

 In a lot of factories we see similar issues. The information you need at the location you are is not available.
The Solution:  Exsolut Team Production: Bringing Mobile Enablement to Maintenance and Reliability for Production lines
Team Production is a QR-enabled document management system that brings the information needed at the technician’s location on a mobile device.
Information can be structured the same way as the plant or production line layout is done. Therefore it’s easily navigatable. 
All by Using the device of your choice, which a technician carries anyway.

How Does It Work?

Maintenance and Line information is structured in this on-premise or cloud solution 
  • Any form of documents(doc/xls/pdf,jpg, pps etc) statistics, or even work instruction videos are easily accessible through a QR barcode. 
    Rights and Roll based Document  Management system
  • Virtually workgroups for uniform task management 
  • Overview of open, active and closed tasks 
  • Detailed result history for each individual task
  • From self management to the coordination of an entire enterprise
  • Push messaging for new activities, delays
  • Real time visualization of projects and workflows
  • Intuitive usage for employees
  • Traceability and auditable process tracking
  • Mobile app for Mobile enablement and data entry and visualization in the field
  • Connectivity between task and documents
  • Version control: always work on the latest version
  • Know-how access according to a user level
  • Trustworthiness: All Data can be either in the cloud or on premise

DigitalituM offers:

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