Digitalization tools for Manufacturing

March 30/31 Design 2 Part Trade Show at Cobb Galleria

We’d like to invite you to come to visit us at the Atlanta  Design-2-Part Show at the Cobb Galeria from March 30-31st  in booth 429.
We will be showcasing our partners’ digitalization tools:
– Ulixes  worker assistance system, which revolutionizes the manual assembly process with augmented step by step instructions and #quality control on-the-go
– IOSS AI-enabled DMC code reader – Never reteach your DMC /QR reader even under changing environment/ material surfaces
– Exsolut QR-enabled document management system – Give the technicians the information they need, at the location they are though #MobileEnablement
– Oculavis Share AR Platform for troubleshooting of technical equipment
Our representatives will be there to answer any questions and to review any upcoming projects that you might be working on.
The Design-2-Part Show is the region’s largest design & contract manufacturing show. The show features exhibiting companies covering more than 300 manufacturing and service categories for the metals, plastics, rubber, and electronics industries.
Please see the attached VIP Invitation and click through to register for free admission.
We look forward to seeing you at the show

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