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Carrier systems for automated production

Increasing automation and growing robotization in production are placing ever higher demands on holding systems and securing systems when cleaning and transporting workpieces. ZELL System Engineering develops and supplies workpiece carrier systems to keep your parts located securely. Our systems allow the transportation, cleaning, and hardening of components precisely and gently. They enable automated production, robot support, controlled cleaning, and hardening without time-consuming reloading.

ZELL System Engineering has already developed an extensive portfolio of clips, baskets, and holding systems and successfully solves customer-specific challenges in almost any industry. ZELL System Engineering develops new holding and securing systems for production processes and their associated handling systems every year.

Searching for a handling system, customers of ZELL may decide between a customized or standardized solution. Selecting standard components allows you to build a modular and cost-effective product. Investing in ZELL systems means higher durability, sustainability, and cost savings over time.

Standard products

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Our standard products can be assembled to meet your individual needs for work piece carrier systems. ZELL System Engineering provides a large selection of carriers, clips, wash baskets and many other accessories for your logistic and cleaning requirements.

Customized solutions

Industry-specific carrier systems

In addition to a comprehensive selection of high-quality standard products, we develop customized new designs for any workpiece, no matter how complex. ZELL has already implemented a large number of industry-specific solutions. Here you will find a selection of our projects.