DigitalituM at The Reliability Conference on May 14 & 15, 2024 in Seattle: Practical Insights into Digital Solutions

The Reliability Conference is a key event for professionals in the manufacturing and asset management industry focusing on asset reliability. Markus Rimmele from DigitalituM will share his expertise in two significant sessions centered on digital solutions for reliability and asset management.

Going Digital for Reliability and Asset Management

The first session, “Going Digital for Reliability and Asset Management,” is scheduled for May 14, 2024. This workshop will discuss integrating the IoT domain with the “analog” uptime elements into an organizational strategy. Alongside Brendon Russ from JLL and Gail Petersen from Datamasters Software House Inc., Markus Rimmele will provide valuable insights into IoT implementations, lessons learned, business processes, and the impacts of IoT on sustainability.

How Digitalization Tools in AR/VR/IoT Can Help with Reliability

On May 15, 2024, Markus Rimmele will lead the session “How Digitalization Tools in AR/VR/IoT Can Help with Reliability.” This session will offer an overview of digital tools in the AR/VR and IoT space and discuss the implementation process of some of these tools. The aim is to demonstrate how digital tools can complement the traditional toolbox/toolset and solve current problems and dilemmas in the maintenance/reliability industry.

Markus Rimmele’s participation in The Reliability Conference highlights the importance of digital solutions in today’s industrial landscape. We invite all interested parties to attend these sessions to gain practical insights and strategies for applying digital technologies in reliability and asset management.

For more information on The Reliability Conference and to register, please visit:👉The Reliability Conference