Digitalization tools for Manufacturing

Digitalization tools for Manufacturing

We are your goto shop for unique Digitalization Tools for Manufacturing

Our Story

We started as a boutique consultancy for Digitalization for the Manufacturing industry.
In addition, we offer unique and easy to set up tools that accelerate your Digitalization
journey in a short time and a high Return of Invest (ROI)

Our mission is to make great strides in solving issues in the manufacturing industry. For too long, not much has changed, and problems and dilemmas have stayed the same.
Digitalitum has the tools, the technology, and the frameworks available to bring your industry to the future.

Great company comes with great partners


AI based QR code readers

IOSS manufactures unique optical sensors to read specifically for embossed and lasered QR codes. Their latest reader DMR410/420 uses onboard AI technology to auto adjust to ongoing changes (ambient light/ QR quality etc). No reteaching is necessary. Learn more about the different IOSS sensor applications.


 QR code based document management systems for maintenance & reliability

Are you Troubleshooting and maintaining complex production equipment and dealing with long searches for the specific instruction/ technical document at the location you are?  How about a QR-enabled document management system, which displays the information you need at the location you are through your mobile device (phone/tablet)?  Mobile Enablement for know-how transfer.


Augmented reality (AR) solutions for troubleshooting

oculavis SHARE is the Augmented Reality platform for the industry with visual assistance, step-by-step guidance, and industrial-grade management features.


Spare parts pricing machine

Full market transparency. Intelligent price adjustments.
Sustainable profit increase. This worldwide unique software provides full transparency over the equipment manufacturing sector and all your spare parts. With the identified price potentials you can sustainably increase sales and profits. Spare parts pricing machine


 Make service feel like magic!

Service Intelligence gathers all your service data, analyzes it using Service AI, and gives service leaders, technicians and agents the critical info they need, exactly when they need it.” Service Intelligence Platform using AI technology for Intelligent Triage, Service Insights, and Warranty Audit solutions

ZELL® Factory System

Modular workpiece carrier system

Finally combine all production processes in one workpiece carrier system! Cleaning, transport, storage, logistics and complete automation.