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Discover how our specialized tools can revolutionize your processes. Our approach involves using customized solutions and cutting-edge technologies to maximize efficiency and productivity in your production. Let’s shape the future together.

What We Do

Our Expertise – Advancing Your Digital Edge

DigitalituM propels digitization in the manufacturing industry forward. Our tools and services, from VR for planning and training, IoT for data analytics, to additive manufacturing and AR for technical support, are tailored for efficiency and future-proofing. We provide personalized consulting and implement solutions that optimize processes and bring Industry 4.0 to life.

Our Tools

Efficient Shop Floor Planning VR Tools

Virtual Reality for optimized planning in manufacturing environments with direct performance and ergonomic feedback.

Technical Training VR Tools

Use of Virtual Reality for hands-on technical training in manufacturing.

Digital Services Management Platform

Comprehensive asset management with a platform that supports predictive maintenance.

Enlightening IoT Solutions

Enlightening IoT solutions that visualize and evaluate machine performance.

DMC/UDI Code Verification Tools

AI-supported verification tools for product marking.

Global 3D Printing AM Services

Additive manufacturing services with global 3D printing capabilities.

AR-Supported Technical Troubleshooting

Technical troubleshooting with AR support to minimize downtime.

Projected AR Work Instructions

Step-by-step work instructions using projected Augmented Reality for assembly.


Presentation of DigitalituM solutions


DigitalituM specializes in cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), revolutionizing planning and training processes and enhancing efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing industry through real-time data analytics and predictive maintenance with IoT solutions. Our expertise in AI and additive manufacturing allows us to provide customized solutions that meet the demands of the modern production environment.

VR in Production Planning

Embedding VR into planning processes, Digitalitum enables intuitive, interactive insights into production workflows, enhancing efficiency and precision.

IoT for Smart Manufacturing

Our IoT solutions collect and analyze manufacturing data in real-time, leading to proactive maintenance and optimized operational workflows.

AI-driven Process Optimization

Artificial Intelligence is utilized to process complex data and optimize production processes by predicting trends and aiding decision-making.

Insights and Impulses

Markus Rimmele’s Speaker Appearances

Markus Rimmele is a sought-after speaker and podcaster, sharing his profound knowledge on digitization in the manufacturing industry. Here is a selection of his latest appearances and contributions.


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