DigitalituM: Your Go-To for IOSS Data Matrix Code Readers and Verifiers in North America

DigitalituM is proud to be the official distributor of the highly sought-after IOSS GmbH data matrix code readers and verifiers.

is renowned for its expertise in addressing challenging use cases, especially those where data matrix codes are difficult to read on various surfaces and lighting conditions. With its built-in AI, the IOSS #DMR410 is designed to ensure that the reader never needs to be re-taught again.

For medical device applications that require UDI (Unique Device Identifier) verification, IOSS offers the #DMR210. This verifier ensures that codes are accurately verified according to the standard IEC29158.

Product traceability is essential in the automotive industry. IOSS has developed the #DMR220 to standard #IEC29158 to verify data matrix codes after marking.

Please contact us if you’re experiencing verification issues with your quality task. We offer sample verifications and demo units. Additionally, we provide annual calibration services for our clients’ verifiers to ensure they remain accurate and reliable. DigitalituM is based in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and offers its products and services to North America.