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From Digitalization to Culture: The Podcast Journey of Markus Rimmele

As the founder of DigitalituM and a digitalization specialist, I’ve had the pleasure over the past few years of speaking with many peers and industry leaders. These conversations have taken me into the diverse world of podcasts, where I’ve been invited to discuss various topics.

Here’s a summary and links to some of the podcasts I’ve had the privilege to participate in:

    Muttersprache Podcast Episode 23:

    One of my first invitations was to Monique Menesi’s Muttersprache Podcast, where I shared the story of German-speaking immigrants.
    Link to Podcast

    Automation Ladies

    Alicia Gilpin and Nikki Gonzales discuss industrial automation in this unique podcast.
    Link to Podcast

    Manufacturing Hub Network Podcast

    I talked with Vladimir Romanov and Dave Griffith about my favorite topic – digitalization tools.
    Link to Podcast

    Industrial Talk with Scott MacKenzie

     Scott MacKenzie and I discussed digitalization tools across various industries.
    Link to Podcast

    Practical Reliability with George Williams

    A fun fact is that we needed two recordings, as George’s computer failed during the first recording.
    Link to Podcast Series

    Und Tschüss Deutschland with Maik Peters

    We discussed cultural differences between Germany and the US.
    Link to Video

    Reliabilityweb - Conferences

    Through my volunteer engagement, I had the opportunity to speak at industry conferences like MaximoWorld about the #PurplePassport – The Digitalization and IoT Guide.

    Muttersprache Podcast #2

    In another episode with Monique Menesi, we talked about cultural differences between Germany and the USA.
    Link to Podcast