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Preventive Maintenance Simplified: A Guide by Ricky Smith and Doug Stangier

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, equipment reliability is key. “Preventive Maintenance—Made Simple” by Ricky Smith and Doug Stangier serves as a comprehensive guide to demystifying preventive maintenance and making it accessible to professionals across various sectors.

The book is structured into seven chapters, each highlighting crucial aspects of preventive maintenance practice. From defining the basics and importance of preventive maintenance to developing a maintenance program and the significance of data collection and analysis, the book covers all essential areas.

The authors’ practical approach, peppered with real examples and actionable insights, guides readers through the book. Whether it’s about choosing the right maintenance strategy, tips for effective program design, or leveraging technology like CMMS to support data-driven decision-making, Smith, and Stangier provide solid guidance for daily practice.

Another key element is the emphasis on the continuous improvement process and a proactive maintenance culture, essential for long-term reliability and operational excellence.

“Preventive Maintenance—Made Simple” is an indispensable work for maintenance professionals looking to optimize equipment reliability and minimize downtime. Combining expert knowledge with an accessible format, the book offers valuable insights, making it a significant resource in the field of maintenance management.

For anyone involved in maintenance or looking to optimize their existing programs, this book provides valuable guidelines and tips. The focus on data-driven decision-making and the integration of technology reflect the authors’ advanced thinking and equip readers with the necessary tools to effectively use technology in their maintenance operations.