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DigitalituM: Official IOSS Data Matrix Code Specialist in North America

DigitalituM: Official IOSS Data Matrix Code Specialist in North America

DigitalituM: Your Go-To for IOSS Data Matrix Code Readers and Verifiers in North America

DigitalituM is proud to be the official distributor of the highly sought-after IOSS GmbH data matrix code readers and verifiers.

is renowned for its expertise in addressing challenging use cases, especially those where data matrix codes are difficult to read on various surfaces and lighting conditions. With its built-in AI, the IOSS #DMR410 is designed to ensure that the reader never needs to be re-taught again.

For medical device applications that require UDI (Unique Device Identifier) verification, IOSS offers the #DMR210. This verifier ensures that codes are accurately verified according to the standard IEC29158.

Product traceability is essential in the automotive industry. IOSS has developed the #DMR220 to standard #IEC29158 to verify data matrix codes after marking.

Please contact us if you’re experiencing verification issues with your quality task. We offer sample verifications and demo units. Additionally, we provide annual calibration services for our clients’ verifiers to ensure they remain accurate and reliable. DigitalituM is based in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and offers its products and services to North America. 
CMM Certification

CMM Certification

Why Earning a Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM) Certification is Crucial

Through my volunteer work with the Reliability Leadership Foundation and their Digitalization Consortium for Reliability and Asset Management, I have earned the necessary Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to renew my Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM) certification. This certification is accredited by the Association of Asset Management Professionals and is highly beneficial if you are in the maintenance business for a manufacturer or on the field service side for a machine builder, OEM, or system integrator.

I highly recommend this certification as it not only validates your expertise but also sharpens your skills in digital transformation of maintenance processes. Engaging with the Reliability Leadership Foundation and the Consortium provides an excellent platform to stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in digitalization for reliability and asset management.

Additionally, I would like to highlight that at DigitalituM, we offer digital tools in AR/VR and IoT to make maintenance tasks more accessible and provide you with the information you need right at the location!

The Reliability Conference – May 14-16, 2024 in Seattle, Washington

The Reliability Conference – May 14-16, 2024 in Seattle, Washington

DigitalituM at The Reliability Conference on May 14 & 15, 2024 in Seattle: Practical Insights into Digital Solutions

The Reliability Conference is a key event for professionals in the manufacturing and asset management industry focusing on asset reliability. Markus Rimmele from DigitalituM will share his expertise in two significant sessions centered on digital solutions for reliability and asset management.

Going Digital for Reliability and Asset Management

The first session, “Going Digital for Reliability and Asset Management,” is scheduled for May 14, 2024. This workshop will discuss integrating the IoT domain with the “analog” uptime elements into an organizational strategy. Alongside Brendon Russ from JLL and Gail Petersen from Datamasters Software House Inc., Markus Rimmele will provide valuable insights into IoT implementations, lessons learned, business processes, and the impacts of IoT on sustainability.

How Digitalization Tools in AR/VR/IoT Can Help with Reliability

On May 15, 2024, Markus Rimmele will lead the session “How Digitalization Tools in AR/VR/IoT Can Help with Reliability.” This session will offer an overview of digital tools in the AR/VR and IoT space and discuss the implementation process of some of these tools. The aim is to demonstrate how digital tools can complement the traditional toolbox/toolset and solve current problems and dilemmas in the maintenance/reliability industry.

Markus Rimmele’s participation in The Reliability Conference highlights the importance of digital solutions in today’s industrial landscape. We invite all interested parties to attend these sessions to gain practical insights and strategies for applying digital technologies in reliability and asset management.

For more information on The Reliability Conference and to register, please visit:👉The Reliability Conference

Exploring the Future of Manufacturing: Immersive Technologies at SME2024

Exploring the Future of Manufacturing: Immersive Technologies at SME2024

Meet DigitalituM at SME2024:
Delving Into the Future of Manufacturing

Are you ready to explore the future of manufacturing with us? On April 17th, seize the unique opportunity to gain deep insights into the world of immersive technologies. DigitalituM is proud to be speaking at SME2024 in Duluth, GA, a pioneering event organized by the GACC South – German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern U.S., Inc.

The world of technology is ever-evolving, especially in the realm of immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (XR). These terms are buzzing more than ever, but do we truly understand their meaning and potential for the manufacturing sector?

Markus Rimmele, CEO & Managing Director of DigitalituM, will be participating in the panel “Using Immersive Technology to Combat Common Challenges in Manufacturing.” Along with Rob Kuehl, CEO of Maier America, Markus will discuss the transformative power of AR/VR/XR technologies in Product Development, Engineering, and beyond. Learn more about the practical applications and visionary future of these technologies, especially in conjunction with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

SME2024 offers a unique platform to discuss and experience the latest developments and innovative solutions in the manufacturing industry. We warmly invite you to dive into the discussion with us and collectively drive the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector forward. Join us and help shape the future.

Register now for the event and don’t miss the opportunity to see Markus Rimmele live 👉

Preventive Maintenance Simplified

Preventive Maintenance Simplified

Preventive Maintenance Simplified: A Guide by Ricky Smith and Doug Stangier

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, equipment reliability is key. “Preventive Maintenance—Made Simple” by Ricky Smith and Doug Stangier serves as a comprehensive guide to demystifying preventive maintenance and making it accessible to professionals across various sectors.

The book is structured into seven chapters, each highlighting crucial aspects of preventive maintenance practice. From defining the basics and importance of preventive maintenance to developing a maintenance program and the significance of data collection and analysis, the book covers all essential areas.

The authors’ practical approach, peppered with real examples and actionable insights, guides readers through the book. Whether it’s about choosing the right maintenance strategy, tips for effective program design, or leveraging technology like CMMS to support data-driven decision-making, Smith, and Stangier provide solid guidance for daily practice.

Another key element is the emphasis on the continuous improvement process and a proactive maintenance culture, essential for long-term reliability and operational excellence.

“Preventive Maintenance—Made Simple” is an indispensable work for maintenance professionals looking to optimize equipment reliability and minimize downtime. Combining expert knowledge with an accessible format, the book offers valuable insights, making it a significant resource in the field of maintenance management.

For anyone involved in maintenance or looking to optimize their existing programs, this book provides valuable guidelines and tips. The focus on data-driven decision-making and the integration of technology reflect the authors’ advanced thinking and equip readers with the necessary tools to effectively use technology in their maintenance operations.

Markus Rimmele: Insights and Stories from the Podcast World

Markus Rimmele: Insights and Stories from the Podcast World

From Digitalization to Culture: The Podcast Journey of Markus Rimmele

As the founder of DigitalituM and a digitalization specialist, I’ve had the pleasure over the past few years of speaking with many peers and industry leaders. These conversations have taken me into the diverse world of podcasts, where I’ve been invited to discuss various topics.

Here’s a summary and links to some of the podcasts I’ve had the privilege to participate in:

    Muttersprache Podcast Episode 23:

    One of my first invitations was to Monique Menesi’s Muttersprache Podcast, where I shared the story of German-speaking immigrants.
    Link to Podcast

    Automation Ladies

    Alicia Gilpin and Nikki Gonzales discuss industrial automation in this unique podcast.
    Link to Podcast

    Manufacturing Hub Network Podcast

    I talked with Vladimir Romanov and Dave Griffith about my favorite topic – digitalization tools.
    Link to Podcast

    Industrial Talk with Scott MacKenzie

     Scott MacKenzie and I discussed digitalization tools across various industries.
    Link to Podcast

    Practical Reliability with George Williams

    A fun fact is that we needed two recordings, as George’s computer failed during the first recording.
    Link to Podcast Series

    Und Tschüss Deutschland with Maik Peters

    We discussed cultural differences between Germany and the US.
    Link to Video

    Reliabilityweb - Conferences

    Through my volunteer engagement, I had the opportunity to speak at industry conferences like MaximoWorld about the #PurplePassport – The Digitalization and IoT Guide.

    Muttersprache Podcast #2

    In another episode with Monique Menesi, we talked about cultural differences between Germany and the USA.
    Link to Podcast